Vikings and Trolls

I can’t believe I made it to my first ever European destination! Flew half way across the world to the home of the vikings and trolls — 12 hours to Oslo and an hour to Stavanger (which is actually the hometown of the sweetest person I know — my sweetheart) I have never been out of Asia so this is really a big deal for me in terms of traveling.  Thomas has always been so proud of his country and it’s been one of his missions to make me see where he grew up. So we decided that I get to spend the holiday season with his family. Imagine the tropical girl in me was jumping up and down for joy to experience her first ever winter holiday. I was so excited to see and play in the snow!

I’m glad that this holiday was so simple and filled with such good memories. Lately, I have decided that I want to make my travels light and not have a jam-packed itinerary. Good thing that I didn’t have to make so much plans for this trip since I was dealing with a lot of work prior my holidays. I just had some specific things that I wanted to see and do. Mostly I just want to experience the daily life and culture of the Norwegians. So here are a few photos that I want to share with you.





Norway has been blessed with such beautiful mountains and fjords. I think anyone will fall in love with its natural beauty. Now I can’t wait to see this beauty in summer too! For the mean time, I will time travel to Norway by looking on all the photos I took. 😉

Have you been to Norway? Let me know your experience or maybe you have suggestions for my next trip to Norge. 🙂

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  1. Pauline Rojo
    January 10, 2018 / 15:15

    I’m so envious!!! I wish I could go there someday too! 😊

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