Top 5 things I like about Pico De Loro

So my family and I went on a quick summer trip. Since we were only there for the weekend, we just arranged a ride up to Nasugbu, Batangas. I booked an airbnb apartment in Pico De Loro which is a members only beach club (operative word ‘members only’). I found a really nice condo — a big loft which made all my family fit in comfortably. They also have the Pico Sands Hotel to accommodate guests. We just opted for the condo since we were traveling as a big group.

Maybe I will just put in all the things I liked during our overnight stay here:

  1. Most of the staff were very accommodating and friendly. Always smiling and greeting the guests
  2. The whole area is very well maintained and clean
  3. Great for group of friends and families with kids. Kiddie pools, indoor play room, bowling alleys, basketball court and badminton courts available
  4. A pretty decent place to drive by (about 2-3 hrs from Manila) for a quick weekend getaway – relax by the beach or by the pool
  5. Easy to get around the whole area. Thanks to the shuttles going around each stop every 3 – 5 minutes

And also the things I didn’t like about this place:

  1. Since it’s a member only beach club, the access is limited to the common beach area and the common pool area. They are very strict in checking your tags if you have the correct ones or not. Also, if you are accompanied by a member, they will constantly look for the official member who came with you (which I find irritating)
  2. The amount of people coming in did not seem like the place is “exclusive”.
  3. Over rated entrance fees
  4.  Limited food options
  5. Amenities are not covered with the entrance fee (only the shuttles, common pool and the beach access are covered) all else you have to pay for (indoor amenities like, bowling alley, billiards, badminton/basketball/tennis courts, beach towels, lockers etc).

I’m just glad we had a nice apartment to stay in with a fully functioning kitchen where we cooked our scrumptious meals (even better than the one in their restaurant hehe). Also it was still a nice time to spend with my loved ones. I think they also enjoyed as much as I did despite the things we did not like. Summer season is really jam packed. Good that we were still able to maximize the use of the beach and pool area by coming in early and waking up early the next morning since we were just there for an overnight stay. Too bad we were not able to check out the Chapel anymore since we indulge too much with swimming, sun bathing and just lounging around.


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