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Today I want to share with you my new mom and baby favorites. I’ve been using these for some months now and I’m so happy with it! So if any of these items has been on your list of things to buy — but aren’t sure if it’s worth it, then read on.

Now that I’m a new mom, my new favorite items revolves on practical things.

  1. Dyson Supersonic (Gift Edition) – So I bought this one as a post-partum gift to myself. I have been wanting to buy this for so long and now is the perfect time. Since post-partum hair loss is so real, the least I need for my hair is to look dry and dull. This has definitely served me well. My hair don’t look so dried and lifeless but, with lots of volume. The gift edition came in with this copper color which I think is super cool. Definitely a good investment so far.
  2. Oral B iO9 -I’ve seen this a lot on TV commercials, my IG ads and promotion on Elkjøp. And it made me research on electric toothbrushes. I have been thinking about switching to an electric toothbrush and this one was one of my top choices. Luckily, it was gifted to me by the hubs last christmas. Brushing has never been the same since! As you may know, teeth and gum health is optimal during and after pregnancy. So this has really helped me.
  3. Neonate Baby Call – I have thought twice if it will be worth it to buy a baby monitor and ended up just going with it. Was it worth it? It definitely was!  Since we live in a three story house, this really comes in handy when the baby is sleeping. It gives us the freedom in the night to not be worried too much when she’s in the bedroom sleeping. So mom and dad can Netflix and chill while the lil bub dozes off. The colored and night vision video quality is so good. You can also have the option to just have the sound on, always on video, or auto mode where it sleeps when baby is inactive and making no sounds.
  4. Angelcare Diaper Bin – We actually just got this for free in one of the baby shops. I was thinking if this was really necessary and it turns out it is! You wouldn’t want to throw soiled nappies in your regular bin and go out with it on a dailY basis. This diaper genie may be the most basic one but it does the job! It seals off the nasty smell from used diapers and convenient to use as it can hold a lot of diapers. We just need to go out with it once a week.
  5. Comotomo Baby Bottles – Our baby is not exclusively breastfed so we need to supplement her with formula milk since I don’t have enough milk. We really liked this bottle because it keeps Amy from being too gassy. It also promotes a good latch and its teats are the closest to breast. The wide mouth opening makes it easy to clean too. It is also made of silicone so it’s safe and keeps away from breakage if baby drops it.

There you have it! My top five favorite items. Hope to share with you more favorites in the coming months.

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