Koh Phangan

Have you visited the beach yet? In this scorching heat of the summer I could only think of white sandy beaches and the cool breeze of the wind. We visited Koh Phangan just recently and was actually there for training camp but of course we did explore this beautiful island. We went on a hiking adventure going to Bottle Beach which was a very exhilarating experience because we were practically climbing huge rocks and literally holding on to dear life while trying to reach this beach. There were supposed to be track markings on how to go there but somehow we got lost in the middle of our way. Good thing we found our way back and finally got to this very beautiful bottle beach!

My friend also booked at the Kupu-kupu resort and I managed to hitch with him during his stay. It was absolutely divine. The Kupu-Kupu Phangan Beach Villas is a very picturesque resort. Definitely a great way to relax by a beautiful view. I must say, I really felt like on a vacation while I was there. Sipping on cold drinks while sitting by pool, ordering room service and just chilling inside the hotel room. Wasn’t that great? Haha! I wish I could time travel there now.




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