Instant weekend getaway outside Bangkok

One thing I love about living and working in Thailand is that we have a lot of public holidays — which means, a lot of no work days. Although, in my line of work, sometimes I don’t get to use them since I need to follow the customers schedule. But this time, I was able to get a slot for the holiday and it’s a long weekend too!

I have always wanted to go to Khao Yai. Just about 3 hours drive from Bangkok and you get a breathe of fresh air and see more nature around you. Khao Yai is a popular getaway spot during Thailand’s ‘winter season’ because the temperature can drop at about 16 degrees celsius and also a good time to see the sunflower fields. But since we missed it already, it’s also fine with summer time. Hehe.

What we did was rent a car from Thai Rent A Car just for one day and go on a day trip. I was the designated driver for the day and I was feeling nervous because I haven’t driven for a while too. Solely depending on google maps and my navigator. Hihi.

First stop was at the Primo Piazza. I thought they have a restaurant where we can have brunch but apparently they just have a cafe which serves coffee, tea and pastries. We went for some pastries and tea. Since we can’t afford to fly to Europe just yet, this place instantly transported us to Italy. Beautiful architectures and landscapes; perfect for a little stroll, photo op, and refreshments.


You can also feed alpacas and donkeys while you’re here.


More photos from the village.


IMG_7464IMG_7470IMG_0111IMG_7195IMG_7323After taking a lot of photos from Primo Piazza, we got so hungry. Good thing there was a nearby restaurant called the Birder’s Lodge. IMG_7310 2

They serve mostly Thai food. I was a little bit disappointed because almost all the things I tried to order from their menu were not available. So I just went for the basic one which is Pad Thai. At least the taste did not disappoint.


We spent a good amount of time cooling down here since it was too hot outside. Hehe. There is a barn selling a lot of fresh local produce (fruits, fresh juice, hand made things etc.) If you walk a little bit more around the compound, you will see a vintage shop (if that is your kind of thing).


My idea was to have dinner here before we drive back to Bangkok but since we were still so full and got a little bit tired from all the walking and the heat, we just decided to drive back so that we won’t be so late out on the road. While on the way, we dropped by the PB Valley just to check it out since I can’t sample the wines because I’ll be driving. The place looks kind of abandoned. Haha. Or maybe just because the tours are already over.


I guess that’s about it with our little Khao Yai adventure. Hoping to come during the sunflower season next time and to go on a little hike at the National Park. Serves as a reason to go back.






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  1. Pauline Rojo
    April 23, 2018 / 08:53

    Hope to be there too when we get back to Bangkok! 🙂

    • April 23, 2018 / 09:13

      Sure! We can rent a car again and drive over. 🙂

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