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Can’t believe time flew by so fast! It’s already 2018, and I’m still hung over from the holidays. And by holiday season, it means a lot of celebration and that also means there is food involved, and lots of eating! Hehe. For New Year’s Eve, I normally celebrate it just at home with my family. My mom would always prepare all the food and my sister and I will be waiting for twelve midnight to watch the fireworks from the balcony.

This year, Thomas and I went to Prague to experience their much awaited fireworks display every first of January. It was both our first time and it was so nice! We found a place to have our New Year’s Eve dinner almost last minute because we just got there December 30th and most of the restaurants are already fully booked. I have it fixed in my head that I want to have steak in my meal for this occasion which has made it more difficult to find a place. But, thankfully we found Grand Cru and they had a really nice menu so we booked it. It was such a really dainty place and they have a wide selection of wine too. The staff was very helpful to guide you when choosing the wine especially to me since I have almost zero knowledge about it. Haha. I just want my wine a little bit sweet so I really loved their recommendation (don’t ask me the name because I completely forgot it. Hahaha).

We had a really lovely time here.


Cheers to new adventures for 2018! 🙂

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