First time in Koh Samui

For a much needed R&R, it is just about time to head over to Koh Samui and live by the beach and just relax. I was just lucky to have Thomas fix everything and bring me to this island. This is not actually my ‘first’ time in Koh Samui but still kind of my first time since I just used the airport here to cross over to Koh Pangan and go to a muay thai camp if you haven’t read about it I have linked it up here.

Geared up for the beach holiday

It’s a little more expensive to go over this island because there is only one airline flying to the Samui airport which is Bangkok Airways. However, prepare to be spoiled by BKK Air because of their lounge access (complete with snacks and refreshments) and a very chic (with small bungalows) airport in Samui. You will really feel that you are on a great vacation just by landing through this airport.  I was not able to take good photos of the airport so you just have to take my word for it. Hehe.

Even the plane is tropical inspired – leaving Bangkok
Funny to have an in-flight meal after all the snacks from the lounge and it’s just an hour flight
View from the plane
Samui Airport

We stayed in Chaweng Beach at the KC Beach Club and Pool Villas which was a really good find. It’s on an average price, inclusive of breakfast buffet and it’s beach front, you have a pool, enough sun beds, a restaurant etc. They hold pool parties too but we did not get to that since we left Friday afternoon and they have the parties every Saturdays. The few days we spent here are really relaxing. Maybe the timing was also good since we were there middle of the week (Tuesday til Friday). So the crowds aren’t so big yet.


All we did was drink smoothies, lounge on the sun beds, swim, eat and sleep. Really had a great time spending my holiday here.


We also found a Thai Tapas place. All their tapas are worth 99baht. How sweet is that?! Hehe.


An island trip is not complete without a massage. So we did not have just one, but two! Hehe. Foot massage is so good and relaxing.


So happy that Thomas was also able to get a lot of sun coming from hard winters at home. He was so proud of his tan! (which my eyes could barely see) Hehe. While my asian skin gets so easily tanned. LOL


Motorbike rentals in Samui are surprisingly cheap too. We rented one to go to another beach and see more the island.


The hotel hosted a small cocktail party by the rooftop with free canapés and the guests enjoyed it overlooking the beach view.



Can we just stay here forever?


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