Favorite Muay Thai Gym in BKK

I remember when I first wanted to try out Muay Thai, a lot of my friends were asking me why do you want to do that? Why do you want to inflict pain on yourself? Do you want to fight somebody? And I was like, it’s so simple, I want to learn a new skill and wanted to find a new hobby. It’s been three years since I started to love this sport and until now I still continue to practice but mostly it’s for getting fit and just some recreational activity that I’d like to do. Not that I want to be a professional or anything but I just like getting physical and I feel good after doing my routines.

I first tried it in the Philippines, few months before I moved here in Bangkok. Was it a sign? Haha. When I first came here in Thailand, that was the first thing I wanted to do — to find a Muay Thai Gym and get an authentic deal. Initially the things that I found online were train and stay programs which are actually catered for individuals who want to be professional and are training for a match. So I was so overwhelemed with that idea. I just wanted to have some fun, learn the basics and get fit. Luckily I found RSM Academy which is so close to my workplace and home. First thing I look for is accessibility. I have been training in this gym for almost my entire stay here in Bangkok.

For the times that I feel like I’m paying too much with RSM I tried to find other gyms like:

  1. Bangkok Fight Lab – Training was solid! almost the same training that I had from a muay thai camp but only down side for me is that I find it hard to come here. They also offer circuit training, jiu jitsu and MMA in this gym. They also offer free trial classes.
  2. Cardio Boxing Gym – This gym is almost like my neighbor but I had issues with their shower rooms. They only have one. Training wise, this is a good group class training with high intensity work outs. They also offer free trial classes.
  3. Pinto Fight Studio – Quite a small gym they have in RCA with almost personalized training since you need to book a schedule so as to limit the count of the people in a class. Shower rooms provided and towels as well.
  4. RSM Academy – Nonetheless, I still come back to RSM because I can easily commit to their classes with flexibility and I feel home in this gym. Even if the trainors have very limited english skills (well, most of the gyms are). The training consist of warm up, cardio exercises, strenght training and five round of sparring/pad work (for advance classes). I have brought a lot of my friends here as well to train with me and they also liked it.

Well, that’s it for my Muay Thai Gym experiences here in Bangkok. Go and try for yourself if ever you are interested to try the sport as well.

PS. Let me know if you have other gym suggestions for me to try!



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