Family Holiday in Paris

Family Holiday in Paris

Finally a family holiday in Paris! Thomas and I as a couple are so used to going on trips. We usually spend a lot of our long weekends visiting a new country – or doing some local beach trips when I used to live in Thailand. We have always wanted to still be able to travel even with a baby. But since the pandemic happened, we have basically postponed all our travel plans.

After completing our vaccines, we finally gave in to our travel itch! Fortunately the rules here in EU are more lenient so we have had the freedom to do it. We did very last minute bookings of everything. Knowing me and Thomas, we usually don’t plan things in detail for our trips. I just told him some of the places I wanted to go to and the food I wanted to eat and that’s about it. A no fuss city holiday with our little one.

I was actually the mastermind of this trip because I kept on looking at flights and hotels. I don’t know why but I really just felt like it’s about time to do it. Thomas was the one who’s a little bit more hesitant to do it. We were of course considering Amy’s safety and all the logistics with a baby in tow. Taking her away from her comfort zone etc. So the deciding factor was when I asked him if he wants to travel. And he said yes. So, I said, okay, since we both want this, let’s book the flight!

Why Paris? It was one of the most convenient flights we found. Two short flights was considerably the best we can do out of with a 10 month old. Plus, Paris will always hold a special place in our hearts because it’s where Thomas proposed to me and that’s where I celebrated my 30th birthday. ♥️

We had 3 full days to spend in Paris so we just did some walking, window shopping, and food tripping! I convinced Thomas that we book a serviced apartment instead of a hotel because of the space — and a mini kitchen also came in handy with a baby. We really loved staying at the Citadines Tour Eiffel Paris. The location was just perfect for going around the city and the one bedroom apartment is just right for us. We just requested for a baby cot and a high chair so we can accommodate our baby’s needs. Amy had enough room to crawl and cruise around in the apartment and she really enjoyed it too.

We also chose a room that came with a view of the Eiffel tower and I find it so worth it! It was not a perfect panorama view but I did appreciate it because I did not get the chance to see the lights show when we last went in Paris. Also, this time around was hard to go out in the nights because of Amy’s bedtime. It was such a treat that we can just look out the window and watch it there. 🙂 

The nearest metro station was just right across the apartment so we were really able to maximize our Paris Visite travel pass. Although the metro stations hardly ever have elevators/escalators so you have to make sure to be prepared with your stroller. Carrying it up/down the stations.

We just made sure to stuff ourselves with a lot of croissants and baguettes during this trip. LOL! Also, I made sure to grab some macarons from Laduree this time because last time I opted to try the ones from Pierre Hermes which was more on the crispy, airy side. Having tried Laduree I was expecting it to be over hyped but I loved it! The hype was real as they are more on the smooth, soft, and chewy side. Plus, I loved the flavors they have!

I also found this steak frites place called Le relais de l’entrecote. We loved the peppercorn sauce they used for the steak and even the fries were so good! 

It’s such a nice feeling to be able to travel again. It’s such a luxury to take a break from the daily grind and we’re just glad that we were finally able to do our first family holiday in Paris. A city holiday with a baby is definitely doable and it’s not as hard as every parent would have imagined.  

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    You guys inspire me a lot I love how you handle your fambam & my little Amy🤗😘👍

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