2 Weeks in Malaga

We spent 2 weeks in Malaga to celebrate our Wedding Anniversary and New Year’s. Also, we have so much holidays left so we wanted to at least get out of our daily grind and be somewhere else.

Maybe you’re wondering how is it to travel during another surge of Covid infections? I must say it looks like it’s starting to get normal in a way that people are living along side the virus. We are required to wear masks even outdoors in Spain. Especially when it’s difficult to maintain a safe distance among others. We were also wearing masks inside the plane too for the entire trip. Only allowed to take them off if you will eat or drink.

A covid passport is also being asked whenever you want to sit and eat at the restaurant. I would say it’s fairly straight forward with the travel requirements between Spain and Norway. So for as long as you meet the requirements, you’re good to go. Also, in a way, as travellers, you have to do your part too and be responsible.

We had an awesome time as a family during this trip. It’s my third time in Spain. Twice in Barcelona and first time in Malaga. The food scene in Malaga is fairly wide. I loved how I could find a lot of the food I crave! And of course, we indulged ourselves with some good paellas, pescados, tapas, and churros!😄

Having a baby with us is so different from how we travelled before when we were just the two of us. But it surely is still just as fun. Of course we can’t do the late nights anymore when we have Amy. But it also taught us how to really slow down and take our time. We got to see a lot of beautiful places. Enjoy the winter sun, walk around the city and experience the local life in Malaga.

I was particularly impressed of how clean the city is! And they speak a good amount of english in this particular area so it was not so difficult to communicate.

We also rented a car to drive down to Marbella and also to visit my friends in Granada. It felt so nice to finally see some old friends. They are actually the closest to family that I have seen in the flesh in the last two years.

This trip was probably one of the most chill vacations we’ve had in a while. I feel like we have fully recharged our batteries to face the new year ahead.

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